Fun things:

Endless "Freefall" comic reader "Papers Please" citations generator (and its Python version) A Firefox addon to tag Reddit users by their subreddit activity (like Masstagger or Reddit Pro Tools) Semi-functional attempt to port a Flash game (original here) A MUD client that works as a relay with IRC connectivity (INSECURE! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK)

Some UserCSS (needs Stylus browser extension to be useful):

SpaceBattles/SufficientVelocity invisible text revealer Remove the annoying border in Twitter's dark theme Reduce the visual clutter for Medium based sites A userstyle to make Wikia/Fandom sites look more like default MediaWiki theme A purple theme for fediverse instance Make SB/SV reader mode actually cozy A few small utils for Make r/mildlyinfuriating more annoying with one neat trick! Click here to...